Hazards of Doing Masturbation for men


Masturbation does have some risks and side effects to it. Remember if you want to keep your sexual health in good shape you must avoid masturbation at all cost. You’ll learn below what they are.

Skin irritation issues with masturbation

The biggest one, is skin irritation. If you’re too rough, or do it too much, it can cause skin irritation. If you forcefully bend a penis that is erect can actually rupture the blood chambers and cause penile fracture. This is usually with vigorous masturbation, and you need surgery to repair that. so, be careful.

Masturbation Can be addictive

It can be addictive if you’re prone to doing it compulsively. Masturbating a lot is fine, but if it disrupts your life, you may need some help, especially if you’re missing work or not having sex with a partner. Typically though, it’s not the action itself that’s bad, it’s the impulse to do it constantly when you should be doing other things. it’s like social media addiction or compulsive gambling at that point.

Can Decrease Sensation

If you have an improper technique, such as you’re too tight on the penis, it can decrease the sensation there. So, if you’re masturbating, make sure that you’re doing the right technique, especially if you’re struggling with sensitivity issues during sexual intercourse. Sometimes it can increase it, and if it becomes too much, you might want to lay off. There is such a thing as too much sensitivity.

Here, you read the hazards of masturbation. It’s not a bad thing, and it’s good for the sex life, but if you do have some issues, handle accordingly.